Moto Track Pvt. Ltd.

MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd. launched its unique tracking services to cater the two and three wheeler markets of Pakistan. MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd. was awarded VTS license by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in April 2015. Being the pioneer of this market, MotoTrack has received confidence and satisfaction from its customers which is a well deserved victory. A long awaited gap has been filled because of which Motorbike and Rickshaw users can also finally feel safe against the increasing rate of vehicle theft and snatching.

Developing such a product was not an easy task as the gadget had to be small but powerful, water proof, and most importantly a smart device. And this was all made possible after the continuous efforts and commitment by our software and hardware teams. Rates and features are designed keeping in view that fleet operators are the main users of this service and should be able to benefit from it.

A Milestone Group Company